Choosing the Best Septum Piercing Jewelry

Choosing the Best Septum Piercing Jewelry

Septum piercing that is also known as ‘bull-ring piercing’ is no longer just a cultural phenomenon, but is a fashion trend to get an edgy look. It is done in the space of the cartilage wall between the two nostrils. The practice of septum piercing is more popular than simple nostril piercing.

PierceOff is an online store with a vast collection of uniquely designed piercing jewelry for all body parts. The store sells commonly demanded septum piercing jewelry, septum rings, septum clickers, and circular barbells in different sizes, shapes, material, designs, and colors. The store is a hub for other body piercing jewelry types such as studs, spirals, tubes, etc.

Types of Septum piercing jewelry to choose from

  • Captive Bead Rings (CBR) – They are easy to use septum piercing jewelry. You can style the bead with any desired stone, pearl, opals, or choose to keep standard bead. It gives you a more traditional look.
  • Circular Barbells – Similar to CBR, the only difference in circular barbell is that it is not a full circular ring-shaped. It kind of looks like a horseshoe with either balls or spikes attached on each end. It can be used in the initial stages of piercing or if you want to hide the piercing. As you flip it upwards, it is nearly invisible.
  • Septum Clicker Rings – These are easy to wear and remove. The metal rod and hinge attached ‘clicks’ when worn correctly. You can get unique designs made with your desired gemstones or gold.
  • Hoop rings (seamless) – It is a classic that represents subtle and simplicity in style.
  • Septum retainers – These are not conventional ring-shaped, but rather angular or flared giving you a more edgy look. It gives a simple, minimalist look and is easier to hide than rings. But you can choose your metal color such as neon shade, pop colors, etc.
  • Faux rings – If you are having second thoughts on getting septum piercing, a faux nose ring will help you decide. These are clip-on and magnetic which is painless giving you a preview of what it will look on you. It is very hard to distinguish faux rings from original jewelry because of the realistic design and style it comes with.

Traits of the best septum jewelry

It does not matter, which septum jewelry you choose to wear. However, there are some things you need to remember before choosing them. Some people are allergic or irritated by cheaper stainless steel or metals leading to infections. Make sure that the jewelry you use is made of high-quality gold or titanium. 14k gold septum jewelry is the best choice.

Let your piercing heal completely before you start using heavily embodied jewelry. Do not go beyond the size that would suit your facial structure. Choose the style that would complement your fashion wear as well.


In the end, all that you consume reflects your identity and choice. So choose a design that best reflects your personality as an individual. Customize your jewelry with the gemstone or metals of your choice which means something to you such as with your birthstone.

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