How To Choose The Ideal CBD Delivery Method For Your Needs

How To Choose The Ideal CBD Delivery Method For Your Needs

CBD industry is going through a major boom. CBD and THC are the two predominant cannabinoids present in cannabis plant with CBD being the non-psychoactive component and THC responsible for mind-altering effects of marijuana. Both are popular for their therapeutic effects.  CBD products contain less than 3% THC making them ideal for consumption any time of the day.

How does CBD oil work?

CBD oil alters the functions of our endocannabinoid system (ECS) by interacting with CB1 and CB2 receptors. ECS system is responsible for regulating several homeostatic functions like mood, appetite, pain reception, stress relief etc. using the help of our body’s naturally prodiced endogenous cannabinoids.

When these cannabinoids aren’t effective enough in regulating our bodily functions, we can substitute CBD oil to fix it. Using CBD oil is a natural way to retain the homeostatic balance in your body. You can either take CBD oil every day as a supplement or take it on specific days to treat targeted medical conditions.

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CBD delivery methods available:

  • Sublingual: It involves taking few drops of CBD tincture under your tongue giving it time to absorb into your blood stream. The tincture comes with a dropper to help users administer the require dosage. New users of CBD may find it tricky to find the ideal dosage when using sublingual delivery method.
  • Edibles: CBD is available in the form of yummy treats like gummies, honey sticks, protein bars, beverages etc. Alternatively you can include CBD oil to your recipe to conjure your own CBD dish like salads, replace your regular cooking oil with CBD oil or add it to beverages like tea/ coffee.
  • Vaping: Vapors infused with CBD is the quickest way of CBD entering your bloodstream. It is recommended for new users of CBD to start with CBD e-juice of lower strengths so that the initial few hits don’t feel too strong.
  • Topicals: Dermal application in the form of creams, salves, lotions is another popular way of administering CBD. The anti-inflammatory property of CBD helps in treating skin conditions like acne, contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis etc.
  • Tablets/ capsules: They are the easiest ways to ingest CBD in terms of dosage since each capsule comes with a specified dosage thus elikinating the need to calculate / measure out dosages as in with vaping or sublingual adminteration.

Is there a best CBD administration method?

Every CBD administration method has different set of pros and cos. Capsules are easy to adminster but the effects take a while to be felt. Vaping and sublingual works best for immediate relief. Creams work great for applying directly on the site of pain/ skin condition.  The choice of administration depends on one’s convenience and the condition being treated.

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