All That You Should Know About Rubber Floor Mats

All That You Should Know About Rubber Floor Mats

You will find rubber floor mats of many different size and shape and are used for various needs. You can find their commercial applications, as well as home applications. Due to their performance and durability, people prefer to use them commercially.

These rubber floor mats normally are so constructed that practically it can eliminate water and dirt to enter and exit through foot traffic. Thus, it can save a lot of time for your employees who are constantly vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping the showroom floor.

Besides, these mats can also offer great safety for your employees, and all your visitors and customers. Lastly, using these rubber mats of Ultimate Mats as logo mats can offer you an excellent opportunity to market your business as you can do free advertising for your brand.

The following are a few key features that can make these rubber mats so much effective for your space:

  1. Mat face

The mat face is so created that becomes effective to wipe and scrape the foot traffic whoever passes over it. Rubber floor mats have certain patterns to easily achieve that. Some popular rubber patterns are diamond, raised square, and waffle-weave, etc.

  1. Border dam

The rubber mat has a border dam to prevent water to move out from the mat that gets collected from umbrellas and shoes onto the floor area. If it does not have such a border dam, then water collected from rain, snow, sleet, or spills may simply bleed out and create hazards onto the floor.

  1. Heavy-duty rubber backing

These mats are usually made with certain sub-surface nubs, which allow them to have a grip on the surface of the floor and stay put, under wet and extreme conditions.

How to select

You will find these rubber floor mats in many styles to do the difficult work of getting rid of water and dirt from your visitors before they make their entry into space. You need to select the right ones that can work best by deciding size, aesthetics, and foot traffic.

  1. Size

To find the right size of rubber floor mat, the following are the two things you need to find out:

  • The size of the total space
  • The foot traffic amount that you can expect on that space.
  1. Aesthetics

You need to ensure that these rubber mats look presentable. You can get a few beautiful mats from Ultimate Mats today and also ensure that you can customize them by printing a special logo of your brand.

  1. Foot traffic

Depending upon what foot traffic amount that you can expect in your space, you can decide the type of rubber mat that you will choose. For any low trafficked areas, you may prefer a thinner or a little more decorative type of mat.

However, if you expect heavy traffic, then select your mat of more thickness having greater ability to get rid of water and dirt.

For every business that exists, these rubber floor mats will always be basic necessity.   They are capable of removing all kinds of dirt and also excess moisture out of foot traffic. These rubber floor mats help effectively to keep your business spaces perfectly clean and hazard-free.

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