Precautions When Wearing Contacts

If you wear contacts, you may wonder how to care for them properly. There are several important precautions you should follow. One of the most important is always washing your hands before touching your gomer lense. This is necessary because tap water may contain bacteria that can cling to the lens. After you wash your hands, dry them off thoroughly with a lint-free towel. Another important precaution is to wait until you remove your lenses before applying moisturizer or cream. 

Avoiding makeup on lenses

Wearing makeup on lenses is not advisable because it can smear and cause irritation. Moreover, it can cause your lenses to become cloudy. Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly before touching the lenses. Also, avoid using any makeup products that contain oil or water, as this can cause the lenses to become cloudy.

Wash them in a disinfecting solution after each use

If you wear makeup on your contact lenses, you must remember to wash them in a disinfecting solution after each use. You should also avoid using pump wands when applying makeup since they can transfer bacteria from the air to the product. Also, try to avoid putting eyeliner on the top of your eyelids because this can dry your eyes and irritate them.

Avoiding sleeping in lenses

If you wear contact lenses daily, you should avoid sleeping with them at night. This practice can lead to eye infections. To prevent this, you should always clean your lenses properly. Opticians can check your lenses for you and recommend whether they are suitable for overnight wear. You can book an appointment online with a vision specialist or call them for assistance.

Many people who wear contacts will fall asleep without removing them before bed. This can cause difficulty in removing them the next morning. Moreover, wearing lenses at night can cause irritation or scratches on the cornea.

Avoiding sleeping in lenses while wearing glasses

The first step to avoiding sleeping in lenses while wearing glasses is to make sure you remove them before going to bed. Although people who wear glasses do not usually have any trouble doing so, those who do not have excellent eyesight may find it more difficult. Aside from causing discomfort, sleeping in lenses while wearing glasses can also affect your vision.