Onsite and offsite bookkeeping services

Onsite and offsite bookkeeping services

Book keeping refers to the recording of financial transactions of a company on regular basis. Mostly businesses of small to medium sizes do not require a full time book keeper rather part time bookkeepers are hired that does not stick around for long. Get your work done by bookkeeping services Dubai, here.

There are generally two kinds of services, Onsite bookkeeping services and Offsite bookkeeping services. Read on to find out what each of these services actually offers.

Onsite Bookkeeping

For onsite bookkeeping, the bookkeeping firm physically sends a bookkeeper to the client’s office for work. The biggest advantage of onsite bookkeeping is the money you save by hiring someone only for the number of days you need the service. Moreover, you need not to stick with the same bookkeeper if he/she is not up to the mark; ask the firm and have a different person working for you. Once a perfect bookkeeper is found, ask the firm to send the same person every time you need them.

When you hire someone from outside you do not have to worry about employee benefits. You just pay directly to the bookkeeping firm, so there is no paycheck involved.

Accounting and Taxation rules being complex may confuse most bookkeepers; however, when you get an onsite service there are other bookkeepers your bookkeeper can take help from.

While focusing on the disadvantages, onsite bookkeeping service differs from one bookkeeping firm to another with some firms having minimum service purchase requirement. In addition, while your onsite bookkeeper is not working as a full-time worker, you will need to do his work like collecting invoices and bills etc.

Offsite Bookkeeping

For Offsite or virtual bookkeeping, the bookkeeping firm does the work in their office where a person works on your files within his/her office. You will have to send all your required documents like invoices, bills, bank statements, etc. to the bookkeeping firm.

The main advantage of offsite bookkeeping is cost of service that is much cheaper than onsite bookkeeping service. Companies that cannot afford to get a bookkeeper, mostly get offsite bookkeeping service with these prices instead of doing it themselves.

It is also possible to send documents through express courier services, or even easier scan your documents to email or upload to the firm’s website, 

Always ensure what services are included when buying offsite bookkeeping service as some firms do not provide payroll service or tax remittance. Some firms may provide you with monthly reports while others just give annual reports.

Also make sure you know what software your bookkeeping firm uses, outdated or almost outdated software are simply not credible.

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