Which Design Course Is Best?

Which Design Course Is Best?

Graphic design is a type of visual communication that helps people communicate with each other. It is often used in advertisements and branding, and this skill has evolved with the commercialization of society. If you are considering enrolling in a design course in Dubai, many options are available. One option is a traditional college, but you can also take online courses for free. Here are a few: LinkedIn learning, Skillshare, and CalArts.


If you’re looking to learn the basics of design, a Skillshare design course is a great place to start. These courses are typically short, but they’ll teach you various important design thinking skills. You can choose a course that covers the basics of user experience, type design, or creative problem-solving. The instructor is usually a creative professional with a large following on Twitter and Instagram.

Whether you’re looking to design a website, web application, or mobile app, Skillshare design courses can teach you the basics of design. You’ll also learn about prototyping tools, usability, and responsive web design. In addition, you’ll learn how to use various software to create your work.

LinkedIn Learning:

LinkedIn learning is a great resource for online learning and can help you make the most of your design education. You can browse more than 12,000 courses and 5,000 videos on design-related topics as a free member. You can take courses at your own pace and explore concepts at your own pace. If you want to learn more about designing with social media, you may want to enroll in one of the design courses offered through LinkedIn.

In addition to providing career-oriented courses, LinkedIn learning also offers professional development courses for teachers and other education professionals. You can use these courses for career development, personal development, and soft skills training. You can choose from several course options and learn from the best in the industry.


If you are looking to learn more about the field of visual communication, a CalArts design course may be your best bet. The curriculum focuses on designing websites and applications for the internet and other mediums. In addition to learning theory, you will acquire practical skills, such as creating wireframes and sitemaps. You will also have the opportunity to work on graded programming projects. CalArts’s UI/UX specialization focuses on visual communication to create a good user experience.